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DEGUM Experts

Sonography in precocious pregnancy

DEGUM Experts: Non-invasive prenatal testing to be performed exclusively in comination with sonography

Will my child be born in good health? Will it have anomalies or diseases? Those are the general questions soon-to-be-parents ask themselves. Many hope to find closure not only through sonography but also through screening tests which are available in Germany since 2012. They test blood plasma of pregnant women for trisomies and analyze sex chromosomes. The joint federal committee (Gemeinsamer Bundesausschuss - G-BA) recently suggested for those screenings to be covered by health insurance in cases of high-risk pregnancy. 

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Sonography in pregnancy: 

'Baby-Watching' - Sonograghy to be performed following maternity guidelines or following obstetric ultrasonography? DEGUM experts fill in on the details

When soon-to-be-moms hold sonographic pictures of their fetus then those are unforgettable moments for them. Nonetheless for many this is not enough: They want to see their unborn child on big screens and in 3D. The so called 'Baby-TV' is booming but following the new German Radiation Protection Ordinance (StrSchV) such sonography produced for commercial use will be prohibited as from end of 2020.


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