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European Journal of Ultrasound 04-2023

Sonographically Detected Hepatic Portal Venous Gas – Prevalence, Causes, and Clinical Implications

Lisa Mehl, Christa Schmidt, Ulrike Weidner, Guntram Lock

Hepatic portal venous gas (HPVG) is a rare clinical finding, often caused by a severe underlying disease. In the literature as well as in clinical practice, HPVG is considered "signum malum" with a poor prognosis and bowel ischemia as the most common cause. Most studies are based on the results of computed tomography (CT) examinations. The aim of this retrospective study is to report on the prevalence, causes, and clinical course of HPVG in a monocentric cohort of abdominal ultrasound (US) investigations.


Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound and Strain Elastography for
Differentiating Benign and Malignant Parotid Tumors

Liuhong Shi, Dingting Wu, Xu Yang et al.

Preoperative differentiation between benign parotid tumors (BPT) and malignant parotid tumors (MPT) is crucial for treatment decisions. The purpose of this study was to investigate the benefits of combining contrast-enhanced ultrasound
(CEUS) and strain elastography (SE) for preoperative differentiation between BPT and MPT. Methods A total of 115 patients with BPT (n = 72) or MPT (n = 43) who underwent ultrasound (US), SE, and CEUS were enrolled. US and CEUS features and the elasticity score were evaluated. Receiver operating characteristic curve (ROC) analysis was used to assess the diagnostic performance of SE,
CEUS, and SE + CEUS with respect to identifying MPT from BPT.

Noninvasive Evaluation of Clinically Significant Portal Hypertension in Patients with Liver Cirrhosis: The Role of Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Perfusion Imaging and Elastography

Maria Assunta Zocco, Marco Cintoni, Maria Elena Ainora et al.

This is a prospective monocentric study. Patients with liver cirrhosis referred for HVPG measurements underwent hepatic Doppler ultrasound, LS measurement, and
D-CEUS with a second-generation contrast agent. Pearson's correlation and a receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve analysis were performed to assess the role of noninvasive findings in predicting clinically significant PH (CSPH) and
severe PH (SPH).