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The Use of Handheld Ultrasound Devices – An EFSUMB Position Paper

The miniaturization of ultrasound equipment in the form of tablet- or smartphone-sized ultrasound equipment is a result of the rapid evolution of technology and handheld ultrasound devices (HHUSD). This position paper of the European Federation of Societies in Ultrasound and Medicine (EFSUMB) assesses the current status of HHUSD in abdominal ultrasound, pediatric ultrasound, targeted echocardiography and heart ultrasound, and we will report position comments on the most common clinical applications. Also included is a SWOT (Strength – Weaknesses – Opportunities – Threats) analysis, the use for handheld devices for medical students, educational & training aspects, documentation, storage and safety considerations.

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Cancer Diagnosis

In Germany there are yearly approximately 9000 people developing liver cancer and the numbers rise distinctly. During the last 35 years the number of new cases doubled. Common practice in diagnosing this disease is the ultrasound examination: with the aid of modern sonography a benign growth can accurately be distinguished from malignant tumors. If ultrasound diagnosis is combined with specific blood testing, then liver carcinoma can even be detected at a very early stage. Current meta-analysis research scientists from the US discovered that this way 40 percent more tumors can be detected at an early stage. DEGUM experts in front of this background call attention to the relevance of high-quality diagnosis.

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Guidelines & Recommendations

Cosgrove, D.; Piscaglia, F.; Bamber, J.; Bojunga, J.; Correas, J.-M.; Gilja, O. H.; Klauser, A. S.; Sporea, I.; Calliada, F.; Cantisani, V.; D’Onofrio, M.; Drakonaki, E. E.; Fink, M.; Friedrich-Rust, M.; Fromageau, J.; Havre, R. F.; Jenssen, C.; Ohlinger, R.; Săftoiu, A.; Schaefer, F.; Dietrich, C. F.: EFSUMB Guidelines and Recommendations on the Clinical Use of Ultrasound Elastography.Part 2: Clinical Applications
Bamber, J.; Cosgrove, D.; Dietrich, C. F.; Fromageau, J.; Bojunga, J.; Calliada, F.; Cantisani, V.; Correas, J.-M.; D’Onofrio, M.; Drakonaki, E. E.; Fink, M.; Friedrich-Rust, M.; Gilja, O. H.; Havre, R. F.; Jenssen, C.; Klauser, A. S.; Ohlinger, R.; Saftoiu, A.; Schaefer, F.; Sporea, I.; Piscaglia, F.: EFSUMB Guidelines and Recommendations on the Clinical Use of Ultrasound Elastography. Part 1: Basic Principles and Technology
Claudon, M.; Dietrich, C. F.; Choi, B. I.; Cosgrove, D. O.; Kudo, M.; Nolsøe, C. P.; Piscaglia, F.; Wilson, S. R.; Barr, R. G.; Chammas, M. C.; Chaubal, N. G.; Chen, M.-H.; Clevert, D. A.; Correas, J. M.; Ding, H.; Forsberg, F.; Fowlkes, J. B.; Gibson, R. N.; Goldberg, B. B.; Lassau, N.; Leen, E. L. S.; Mattrey, R. F.; Moriyasu, F.; Solbiati, L.; Weskott, H.-P.; Xu, H.-X.: Guidelines and Good Clinical Practice Recommendations for Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS) in the Liver – Update 2012
Kollmann, C.; deKorte, C.; Dudley, N. J.; Gritzmann, N.; Martin, K.; Evans, D. H.: Guideline for Technical Quality Assurance (TQA) of Ultrasound devices (B-Mode) – Version 1.0 (July 2012) Leitlinien für Technische Qualitätssicherung von Ultraschallgeräten (B-Mode) – Version 1.0 (Juli 2012)
Piscaglia, F.; Nolsøe, C.; Dietrich, C. F.; Cosgrove, D. O.; Gilja, O. H.; Bachmann Nielsen, M.; Albrecht, T.; Barozzi, L.; Bertolotto, M.; Catalano, O.; Claudon, M.; Clevert, D. A.; Correas, J. M.; D’Onofrio, M.; Drudi, F. M.; Eyding, J.; Giovannini, M.; Hocke, M.; Ignee, A.; Jung, E. M.; Klauser, A. S.; Lassau, N.; Leen, E.; Mathis, G.; Saftoiu, A.; Seidel, G.; Sidhu, P. S.; Haar, G. ter.; Timmerman, D.; Weskott, H. P.: The EFSUMB Guidelines and Recommendations on the Clinical Practice of Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS): Update 2011 on non-hepatic applications
Merz, E.; Eichhorn, K.-H.; von Kaisenberg, C.; Schramm, T.; Arbeitsgruppe der DEGUM-Stufe III: Aktualisierte Qualitätsanforderungen an die weiterführende differenzierte Ultraschalluntersuchung in der pränatalen Diagnostik (= DEGUM-Stufe II) im Zeitraum von 18 + 0 bis 21 + 6 Schwangerschaftswochen Updated Quality Requirements Regarding Secondary Differentiated Ultrasound Examination in Prenatal Diagnostics (= DEGUM Level II) in the Period from 18 + 0 to 21 + 6 Weeks of Gestation
Merz, E.; Abramovicz, J.; Baba, K.; Blaas, H.-G. K.; Deng, J.; Gindes, L.; Lee, W.; Platt, L.; Pretorius, D.; Schild, R.; Sladkevicius, P.; Timor-Tritsch, I.: 3D imaging of the fetal face – Recommendations from the International 3D Focus Group