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EUROSON 2018 Poznan, Poland

We have the great pleasure to invite you to the 30th EUROSON Congress of EFSUMB, which will take place in Poznan 6  to  9 September 2018. The Congress will be held in the Congress Centre of the Poznan International Fair simultaneously with the XIV Congress of Polish Scientific Society of Ultrasonography.

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DEGUM Recommendations on Infection Prevention in Ultrasound and Endoscopic Ultrasound

Microbial contamination of ultrasound probes for percutaneous or endoscopic use is common. However, infectious diseases caused by transmission of microorganisms by US procedures have rarely been reported. In Germany, legal regulations address hygiene in ultrasound procedures. Based on these regulations and the available literature, an expert panel of the German Society of Ultrasound in Medicine (DEGUM) has formulated sophisticated recommendations on hygienic measures in percutaneous and endoscopic US, including US-guided interventions.

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European Journal of Ultrasound – 3/2018

Ultrasound of the Major Salivary Glands is a Reliable Imaging Technique in Patients with Clinically Suspected Primary Sjögren's Syndrome

Konstantina Delli et al.

The intraobserver reliability of the total ultrasound score was excellent, with an intraclass correlation (ICC) ranging from 0.89 to 0.96. Hypoechogenic areas and homogeneity of parotid glands showed the highest interobserver reliability. The median kappa for echogenicity was low. The total ultrasound scores varied more between observers in patients with higher ultrasonographic scores (approximately score ≥ 20).


Novel Demontration of the Anterior Femoral Cutaneous Nerves using Ultrasound

Christopher Pivec et al.

This study confirms that the IFCN and the MFCN can be reliably visualized with HRUS throughout the course of these nerves, both in anatomical specimens and in patients. 

Ultrasound-Guided Corticosteroid Injection in Patients with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Efficiacy of Intra-Epineurial Injection 

Yi-Chih Hsu et al.
We performed 101 US-guided hydrodissections and corticosteroid injections in 101 patients with CTS, and evaluated their pre- and post-injection US findings. We categorized these injections into two groups based on the occurrence of intra-epineurial injection. We also recorded clinical data including sex, age, side of injection, BMI, and the duration of pre-injection CTS-related discomfort.